Thanks to our corporate sponsors, we are able to offer excellent trainings to the next generation of leaders. NxGen is committed to serving the Columbus community by preparing young professionals to be more emotionally intelligent servant leaders in the workplace and beyond. Sponsors can choose young leaders with identified potential in their own companies to participate in the program or provide a scholarship for someone outside of a sponsoring corporation that would like to participate. 

What sets NxGen apart

1. Servant leader focused

While there are many useful and effective leadership styles, NxGen is focused on a servant leadership style. This theme is woven into most aspects of the program, giving participants opportunities to both learn AND demonstrate servant leadership.

2. Concentration on mindset

We begin by building a foundation of self-awareness driven by an EQ 360 which informs each participant's personal and professional development plan. These self-awareness tools are then applied to a myriad of leadership development themes throughout the program to maximize each participant's growth.

3. Customized training

Training topics are pre-planned for program alignment. However, participants are surveyed regularly to assess problem areas in the given topic. This feedback is used to bring training session presentations to final form, ensuring relevancy to participants.

4. Participant driven

Multiple points of choice exist in the program with the intent of giving participants opportunities to lead, create, and problem solve. Various areas of ambiguity are built into the program by design. NxGen provides the guardrails and milestones while participants lead the way.