who nxgen is for

NxGen participants are "young professionals", typically meaning those between the ages of 25-40 who are in the earlier stages of their career. NxGen is for these individuals who desire greater responsibility, have a commitment to making an impact in their workplace, and are dedicated to personal and professional growth. NxGen participants are sponsored by the companies for which they work, but other options are available. Check out the ideal candidate checklist below, and if you think NxGen may be for you, click the button to the right and let us know!

The ideal participant

The ideal NxGen participant is an aspiring leader in Columbus, Ohio, with an ability and desire to assume roles of greater responsibility and who fulfills one or more of these descriptions:

  • Has high potential and are seen as having the ability to move from the role of a single contributor to a management role
  • Is new to management and could benefit from a program focused on emotional intelligence and servant leadership
  • Is a high performer deserving of reward and development support (some research suggests there aren’t enough development opportunities for this group and they are often overlooked, resulting in loss of trust and loyalty from the employee)
  • Is currently involved in making a positive impact in the community through their job and/or volunteer work
  • Demonstrates a commitment to promoting servant leadership in the workplace through characteristics such as integrity, authenticity, humility, accountability, compassion, communication, empowerment, curiosity, clarity, and community-mindedness
  • Is committed to personal and professional growth

program details

The NxGen program is broken into 5 key themes and 4 phases.

Key Themes:
1. Servant Leadership
2. Diversity & Inclusion
3. Self-Awareness
4. Workplace Dynamics
5. Career Management

Pre-work: Setting the stage for success
Phase I: Fundamentals and setting a baseline for development
Phase II: Tools and strategy for execution
Phase III: Support and practice in leading others

Participants in the program will attend approximately 20 trainings focused on the key themes above, complete a group project for another organization in Columbus, and work regularly with a mentor/coach in order to maximize their experience in NxGen. Participants will also go complete an emotional intelligence assessment and create both a Personal Development Plan and a Career Management Plan in order to map out their strengths, opportunities for growth, and goals for the future. Lastly, participants will meet and collaborate with other young professionals in Columbus who desire to be impactful leaders in the future.